Below are the final presentations from the teams competing in the Black Rock Desert in June 2015. Videos of their presentations, where available, can be found on the individual team pages.

Team 1 | Team 2 | Team 3 | Team 4Team 5

Here are the resources from the talks given during the June 2013 Teacher Training.

Featured Presenters:
Lynn Cominsky:
Introduction Powerpoint | Electronics Powerpoint
Kevin John:
Introduction to Payload Elements | Pre-Assembly Brief | Introduction to Programming Arduino  | S4_What_Physicists_Do
Kevin Zack:
Soldering Powerpoint
Tony Alcocer:
Rockets and Rocketry | Rocket Resource list
Steve Kliewer:
Balloon Fest Powerpoint | Linear Approx to the US Standard Atmosphere | Linear Approx to the US Standard Atmosphere Discussion | Barometric Altimetry
Ken Biba:
Wireless Tutorial

Participant Presentations:
Jeff Adkins
Wendy Holforty
Roger Little
Salam Ali
Rob Foster and Jerry Liang
Michelle Rodriguez and Donald Repucci
Paul Tanks, Greg Gracia, and Carla Recher
Luminita Denisiu
Jim Manley, Kurt Kruger, and Sam Koshy
Judy Rowlee

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  1. Can you upload the actual powerpoints for instruction. They are uploaded as pdf’s and it is hard to go through them that way.

    Thank you.

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