The following .zip files contain everything you need to start development with an S4 payload, including applications, libraries, an Arduino sketchbook, and the Arduino program itself.

Windows Software Package (09/18/14)

Mac Software Package (5/20/14)

Linux Software Package 64 bit (5/20/14)

Linux Software Package 32 bit  (4/11/14)

S4_Server.jar (4/11/14)

S4_DataManager.jar (4/11/14)


You can also get the latest version of the Server Application (including the source code) from our GitHub Repository:

Git Location:


Zip Version:

2 thoughts on “Software

  1. Hi Jim,
    Conagratulations on achieving this milestone. This is an ambitious and worthy project.
    We at Wattminder will be interested in assisting with RaspberryPi related resource, although in a limited way. Will you be posting your rocket launch data soon? It would/could be quite educational if one can package it and make one study of it.

  2. We have some experience with Arduino and are using Mac. We don’t seem to have the libraries with the download that we expect. We’ll continue to look for them online, but don’t seem to have S4GPS.h, S4.h, and other specific S4 libraries…

    Any help appreciated.

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