Launch Data

Here you can download the data collected by the payload. Provided is a .txt file containing all of the raw data, a .csv of all the data, and a .csv of just the data collected at our teacher training. You may use this raw or in conjunction with the S4 Data Manager to gain experience write my essay for me with payload outputs.

Holforty.txt | Holforty.csv
Foster.txt | Foster.csv
Denisiu.txt | Denisiu.csv
Hill.txt|Hill.csv|HillFlight.csv|Google Earth Image
Adkins.txt|Adkins.csv|AdkinsLaunch.csv|Google Earth Image
Repucci.txt|Repucci.csv|RepucciFlight.csv|Google Earth Image
Rowlee.txt|Rowlee.csv|RowleeFlight.csv|Google Earth Image
Liang.txt|Liang.csv|LiangFlight.csv|Google Earth Image
Manley.txt|Manley.csv|ManleyFlight.csv|Google Earth Image
Rodriguez.txt | Rodriguez.csv | RodriguezFlight.csv | Google Earth Image

If you have data you’d like included on this page you can email it to Lauryn:
lauryn (at) universe (dot) sonoma (dot) edu

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