S4 Small Satellites: Lucerne Valley

At another S4 Small Satellites event held in the Lucerne Valley dry lakebed, students and team members prepared for yet another rocket launch. This time three students were responsible for a single payload while a total of eight flight boards were being prepared to launch. The goal of this launch was to successfully interact with the GPS sensor attached to the payload. While other sensors could have been interfaced as well, the goal was to successfully get data from the GPS sensor first.

The final task at hand for a successful rocket launch was assembling a high powered rocket. The students were also responsible for this, learning hands-on how to properly assemble a high powered rocket to withstand its current environment conditions.

At the end of a successful rocket launch the students were able to gain key skills useful for a science future. They learned to successfully communicate and work with team members, how to interface their first sensor with a micro-controller, as well as the proper way to assemble critical rocket parts.

Please take a look at the report below for a more detailed description and image(s):



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