Launch Data

Here you can download the data collected by the payload. Provided is a .txt file containing all of the raw data, a .csv of all the data, and a .csv of just the data collected at our teacher training. You may use this raw or in conjunction with the S4 Data Manager to gain experience with payload outputs.

Holforty.txt | Holforty.csv
Foster.txt | Foster.csv
Denisiu.txt | Denisiu.csv
Hill.txt|Hill.csv|HillFlight.csv|Google Earth Image
Adkins.txt|Adkins.csv|AdkinsLaunch.csv|Google Earth Image
Repucci.txt|Repucci.csv|RepucciFlight.csv|Google Earth Image
Rowlee.txt|Rowlee.csv|RowleeFlight.csv|Google Earth Image
Liang.txt|Liang.csv|LiangFlight.csv|Google Earth Image
Manley.txt|Manley.csv|ManleyFlight.csv|Google Earth Image
Rodriguez.txt | Rodriguez.csv | RodriguezFlight.csv | Google Earth Image

If you have data you’d like included on this page you can email it to Lauryn:
lauryn (at) universe (dot) sonoma (dot) edu

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