Updated Software

There have been many incremental changes to the S4 software, and I’ve finally had some time to organize them into a package that’s ready to be distributed to teachers and students. The following steps should get you up and running with the latest version of our software.

Step 0 – Backup Existing Software
If you have any software you have modified or written yourself, you may want to back up your existing software to an external drive, a USB drive, or some other location just in case you need it later. If not, you can skip that step.

Step 1 – Remove Exiting Arduino Installation
If you have Arduino installed, you can remove it by selecting
Start → Control Panel → Programs and Features
Right click Arduino from the list and select “uninstall”

If you downloaded an Adruino folder from the S4 website and are running Arduino straight from that folder, you may wish to delete it to avoid confusion later on.

Step 2 – Install Arduino 1.6.1
Download the latest version of the Arduino IDE from the Arduino website: http://arduino.cc/en/main/software and run the installer after it download by double-clicking it. You will be prompted to install the latest version of the USB drivers, which you should also do.

Step 3 – Download and copy over Library File
Next we will copy in the low level C/C++ code that the payload code rely on. First, download the libraries. Next move the downloaded zip file into the Arduino folder, which should be located at
C → Program Files (x86) → Arduino
Extract the downloaded zip file and allow it to replace the existing libraries folder

Step 4 – Download and copy over the Sketchbook

Finally, we will get the high level Arduino code that the payload executes. First, download the Sketchbook and extract the file into your My Documents folder. Then, open the Arduino program and select File → Preferences. The top item on the page is your sketchbook location, where you should select the location for the folder you just downloaded and extracted using the Broswe button, for instance C:\Users\Kevin\Documents\Sketchbook

You are now ready to run the most version of the Arudino code.

What’s Changed?

  • We’ve cleaned up some old code files that didn’t need to be included
  • We’ve changed the WiFi to use UDP protocol instead of TCP.
  • We’ve updated the WiFly software to work with the latest version of the firmware
  • We’ve changed the way we store WiFi network parameters to leave more room for the data your payloads will collect.